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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Left 4 Dead: Pictures

It is indeed refreshing when developers decide to revamp their strategy of packaging of video games. In this case scenario i'm pleasantly suprised when LEFT 4 DEAD preorder version came in a carded, slightly larger than A4 sized ''fedex parcel' kinda packaging.

Good to know they put in alot of effort for the visual appeal for gamers.

The package and the preorder pre-given mousepad.

Gruesomely appealing. i love zombies. do you?

as you can see the package/flatbox opens like a mail letter by the dotted edges.

Can't wait to give this game a shot. But that will have to wait till after lunch.


kenmoo said...

waiting for your review on this bro, am getting the xbox360 version if it's any good :)

Joshua said...

haha...will do bro!

its pretty good for co-op i must say.