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Monday, November 3, 2008

Loading Toys Daniel Craig James Bond Headsculpt

A pretty decent headsculpt if you ask me... though i'd be much more hyped up had the face been a tad' more aggressive or intense instead of this rather doped look. But i must hand it to Loading Toy's sculpt. However i can't be certain of its quality as yet. (still trust hot toys more )
the accessories/stuff that come with this figure are:
1 head (the sculpt in the picture)
1 black shirt
1 blue jacket
1 jeans
1 lettering version p99
1 p99 silencer
1 511 low calinga

looks pretty awesome to me, but to note, it DOES NOT COME with the body, though the head fits HT true type body. BBI, etc.
$80 at TFH.
thinking of preordering this considering the upcoming BOND movie and ''Defiance'' which would make this headsculpt pretty useful for a kitbash. (as long as HT doesn't do a better one)
would appreciate comments on whether any of you collectors out there would get this sculpt and stuff.


Little Plastic Man said...

I was actually quite excited when I got the email from TFH on this figure. However after looking at the head sculpt I felt something was just not right. Yar it does resemble Daniel Craig but sometime is missing. I do believe is the intense & gung ho look he has when he plays James Bond. This look is more for a love story movie...(did Daniel act in any love story?) I also would rather have the suit he wears in the current Bond ads than the jeans and jacket. I think I will pass on this one.

Joshua said...

yep bro, i strongly agree... and i cross referred with movie sources..he NEVER wore jeans in any movie yet...they were all pants...and the mold of the pistol was horrible..

furthermore i agree that his headsculpt is kinda dopey...for a bond..he should be less benign and much more intense

kenmoo said...

For me, i've never bought any figure from this company before. Though the prototype looks good but i think it's better to wait till we see the final product before buying.

Joshua said...

i agree with you KEN! i also do have some doubts for this is a completely new company...

deSMOnd said...

Let wait and see!!

Joshua said...

haha wise choice bro!

the film kiwi said...

I agree, doesnt look TOO much like him although its fairly close.

m.n said...

the face looked so real! but not the hair :)

Joshua said...

haha yeah i agree the sculpt's pretty good though the hair is obviously off...for obvious reasons is also because they didn't actually quite get the licensing rights to the figure...secondly its a pretty new company hence, won't quite match up against established firms like HOT TOYS...