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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Featured Post: T-shirt Design Artist Roger of RubyRed Designs

Recently, Roger of Ruby Red Designs has brought to my attention some very creative T-shirt designs of his, which he IS SELLING! and has kindly requested a feature here at THE STORMTROOPER EFFECT!

I must say that Roger's portfolio of works truly embodies the geekdom and fanboy at heart for all Star Wars fans out there! His newest piece of art... aptly named "AT-AT anatomy", is an X-ray visual design of Star War's iconic all terrain armoured transport.

Star Wars, a key pillar in pop culture history of our generation, which spawned forth armies in white of clones and stormtroopers alike. Made fans and toy collectors out of generations of us children and adults....You can't have enough of star wars.

And what other better way than to simply wear your fandom! With these fantastically comical t-shirts which parody star wars, it indeed cranks the levels of hilarity to the max!

And if you think he just specializes in Star Wars parody designed shirts, you're wrong, he does others too!


AT-AT Anatomy
Now we know what goes on in an AT-AT

How it'd look when worn. Seems pretty nice a cutting.

"Cutbacks in the empire's defense budget has reached comical levels!"

You Can’t Park Here Sir
So, you’re a crime fighting super hero with an armour plated, rocket propelled Batmobile, but you’re not above the law. Be aware of parking restrictions, or you’ll be clamped next.
Now that you've seen some of Roger's amazing designs, what are you waiting for? Swing by his artist page and take a further look!

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Little Plastic Man said...

Cool! I love this kind of T-shirts as I am a great fan of threadless!