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Monday, April 6, 2009

Tagged: 6 Random Things About Myself

As i've been tagged by both Kenny of Meditation Chamber and Leon of Open the Toy, i do believe it is about time that i start budging and get on with this tag.

Working daily from 8am - 11pm, today being an exception, kinda leaves you dry for everything else.

The Rules of the Tagging Game are:

1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules on your blog.
3) Write six random things about yourself.
4) Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5) Let each of the six persons know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6) Let the tagger know when your entry is up

let us now begin.


1. Music, the spirit.

Music pretty much means alot to me in all that i do, a form of creative expression, a contemplative companion to lonely hours during travel, wee hours of the morning or the silent moody atmosphere on the way back home past midnight. Or simply, just good ol' fashioned rock n roll for joy, rage and love.

My favourite band will always be Green Day, and my favourite artist? its pretty obvious by the picture, Billie Joe Armstrong.

I play the piano, guitar and drums. I own two classical guitars, two classical pianos, one five piece drum set, one acoustic guitar and one electric guitar. Like i said, music is everything to me and makes my world go round.

2. The Poet, The Writer & The Bookworm

Whilst as of late i have not had the opportunity nor time to delve myself in a simple pleasure that i so enjoy, i confess that i love novels. I can delve myself in continous reading and devour page to page stories of tragedy and loss, of ageing and of pains, triumphs and victories, adventures and fantasies. fiction and non fiction. My favourite novelist as yet remains Harlen Coben, and my favourite book, Tell No One, and i believe that the essense of guilt and regret, loss and pain has never been better captured in way that reaches to me.

I do not have a specific genre that i stick to, more of the style of writing of the author. Other pretty good authors i've stumbled across from paper back to hardback from library to library are iggulden conn, ted dekker, philip k dick ( no introduction needed) and Isaac Asimov.

In times where i find myself in desperate need for an escape, and music can't quite suffice, i turn to writing to express myself. Be it in creative juices or just an outlet to let my mind wander and mull over things. I write poems and am often inspired to do so on bus rides in the early morning or late at night. A favourite route of mine is bus 172 past the cementeries to jurong point/ boon lay. I am currently writing a novel for my own reading pleasure, and as a way for my mind to unwind.

3. The Heart a Reason for existence.

unbehest-known to others i long to travel the world, not in terms of a holiday but a journey to open my eyes, for i know although we are all reminded time to time of the pain in the world around us, yet we still remain woefully ignorant of the truths, pains, and struggles of others until we experience it firsthand.

I long to backpack, and my aim to lose myself in the world for a year with nothing but a toothbrush, a passport the clothes on my back and just a hundred bucks or whichever country i may choose to go. Work there for my daily living and consumption and get to better understanding of the place i will be in. For what can open your eyes more than being one with the people around you? the yearn to learn, feel and understand the lives out there less fortunate than us, to find the meaning and appreciation of life. possible candidates for my backpacking for a year would be Cambodia, Tibet, India, Africa specifically darfur/sudan.

4. The Spirit and Drive for adventure and challenge

since a young age i have always loved nature, the great outdoors and always a nice overwhelming challenge. I enjoy offroad biking/ mountain biking though i often tend to wind up with impossible injuries...I am proficient in snowboarding in my month's stay at Lake Tahoe's skiing resort at USA and the followup visits in subsequent years. We'd see who dares go gingerbreadman ( a flip ). I double dare you.

Furthermore i practice martial arts, from taekwondo to brazillian jiujitsu to muay thai and eventually Mixed Martial Arts. I shall say i've had my fair share of busted balls, bruises, broken bones and chipped bones too. Will be heading down to NUH's hand sugery department on the 9th of April, Wednesday to remove a bone chip in my hand that's interferring with my hand articulation and causing me excruciating pain when i play the piano or stretch my fingers. ( an accident whilst delivering a blow to someone during a friendly sparring )

5. The movie enthusiast

Since a young age, i have always been inspired, touched, or plaintively awed by films. Its that little bit of movie magic that goes a long way in our everyday, mudane lives.

an actor who has delivered emotionally in films that i feel will transcend time, for me, was Thomas Cruise Mapother , the couch jumping scientologist, Tom Cruise. While i won't comment on his strange antics as he ages over the years, i wont' deny him the due credit for his prowess as an actor.

And my favourite most definitive film that i felt touched me, has and will always be Vanilla Sky. Give it a watch and you'd know why.

here's a link to a speech/ oscar monologue that kinda explained much of what movies meant to us. The inspiration, the dreams and hopes.


this you should know by now! otherwise what the hell's this site for? Since a young age i was introduced to toys by, naturally my parents, but one toy that will always be firmly etched in my memory as the starting point for me to actually keep my toys in perfect condition was a STAR WARS Han Solo figure my father bought for me during his business trip overseas, i was only 6 years old then.

Subsequently as i grew older i collected beast wars and transformers before going back to my roots ( STAR WARS) 3 3/4 inch collecting. As of last year i slowed down the collection to branch off to 12 ' inch figure collecting, you can't resist the DETAILS on those figures nor the quality, and also the drop in QC by HASBRO has really made them a HASBEEN for me.

furthermore we're paying pretty steep prices for figures that dont' quite cut it at this point of time. However time to time i do haul in the better figures.


Now for my VICTIMS


2. KEN MOO of Everything, Anything better than nothing ( update bro, 1 week already )

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4. Rip666 of Art of hobby

5. Stephen of Stephenus Prime! ( good ol' bro )

6. how can i ever forget my doped up partner in crime who never fails to fail me in CO-OP...MIRRORNOOOOOOOOOOB!

7. The Rebel of Rebel with Causes

8. Razmanshah, the avid 12'inch collector

9. Shin from Shin fell from the Sky

10. Dash Macbastard of Paper and Plastic Please


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Hi Joshua, you are such a profound person. Great to hear that you managed to keep toys from young.

RiP666 said...

wow,., your soul of music is great...thanks for tagging me

LEon said...

What I read really surprise me. Make your talents count Joshua!

Little Plastic Man said...

Wow...I am suprise too...but am glad that I now know you a bit better...cheers!

Kenny said...

Looks like tagging you was the right choice. Very interesting life you have.

Joshua said...

@ Dennis - no la i'm not that profound...

@ Rip666 - yeah, i love music as it makes my world go round.

@ Leon - thanks bro!

@ Adrian - haha, creating this blog was a small platform for me to keep my literal skills in check and a small outlet to express both passion in toy collecting and vocality.

@ Kenny - Thanks for the tag bro. haha thanks for the compliment too, interesting as it may sound, its not so when you live it haha!