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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hot Toys MMS DX 02: The Dark Knight Batman 1/6th Figure (underway)

I do believe that judging from this magazine discussion, that there will be a MMS DX 02. Namely, a revamped TDK batman figure. I can't quite find the words to scream out in rage at the speedy rate how Hot Toys seems to screw early collectors time and time again, (come'on a deluxe for every figure in TDK will kill alot of us)

Had Hot Toys wanted to do a deluxe figure, they should've at least done both at the same time, for normal and deluxe versions. Joker was explainable. Bats is now pushing it.
we can't possibly collect a figure and then get blown away yet again by a deluxe version. simultaneous release would at least give those who can initially afford the deluxe a choice to splurge a tad' more for something better. Seems pretty obvious over time that it doesn't pay to be an early collector.

Nevertheless, i'm certain it will be a great figure. However being a DELUXE that it should be, i'm gonna make some serious requests.

it should have the following features non negotiable.

-revamped slim figure which is SCREEN ACCURATE ( NO MORE FUCKING MAN BOOBS, BEER GUTS ETC. we collectors are paying good dollars for this. give us quality.)
- SONAR VISION lights up. yes. sonar. yes, lights up.
- Suit for WAYNE ( if they could for joker, they CAN for wayne. no buts this time around)
- the new rotating eye system is expected for the wayne sculpt.

and if Hot Toys starts this fucking DELUXE annoucements with other lines like Terminator Salvation, ironman etc after we've all bought our normal versions, i'm gonna nuke their factory. YES. NUKE'EM.


Kenny said...

Sighz.... why am I not surprised?

deSMOnd said...

Not intend to buy any deluxe version as this is too much for TDK series..No other figures to do??

Joshua said...

HT's just milking the damn franchise seriously. they should've just perfected it the first time around.

Michel van Opstal said...

I have two Hot toys Batmans and a one Joker.I 'm not intend to buy another Batman or Joker because my room starting to look a Batcave!!!!
Hot toys could sell only the new parts to make a "upgrade" of the old version.

Dash MacBastard said...

Hey, Man. My six random things about myself that you tagged me with are up.