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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Disney Buys Marvel Entertainment for US$4 Billion

There you have it, as of this morning, Disney now owns Marvel Entertainment. Whilst most fanboy comic book fans are out all over the world ranting and screaming about the endless possibilities of foul ups and mess ups, screw ups and even sell outs,

i say let us be patient, let us wait and see.
while i wouldn't say the news didn't surprise me, i wont' say it isn't amusing either. I wonder if we'd get to start seeing Marvel characters roaming around Disneyland when it all goes through. Though i'd very much love to see Disneyland stay the same way it does, with its classic characters and all.

and to those already mourning, weeping, tearing their hair out in despair, lets wait and see...a good justification would be how Warner Bros accquired DC and still managed to do such a good job with BATMAN. We'd never know if Disney could be the key to good funding for better quality films from marvel.

If you didn't yet know Marvel actually sold much of its licenses for the rights to their comics to be adapted to film. For example, the Punisher and Blade, due to them being unable to fund it themselves, and Iron Man was the very first that they had a chance to fully finance. Perhaps with Disney all these woes would be easily solved.

My only take on this, is that i'm surprised. wow....Disney...i wasn't half expecting that though. but all in all, lets just wait and see folks.


The Rebel said...

All I can say is.....Stan Lee really cashed in on this one! LOL.....

You're right, we gotta give time to see whether the takeover benefits Marvel or otherwise.

deSMOnd said...

Since I am not a Marvel fan, I just hope Disney will give us some great movies from Marvel characters in the future as I am a movie addict :P

Joshua said...

@The Rebel - yeah we wont' know if its gonna be good or bad till they churn out stuff..my foremost worry is that disney land starts going all marvel takeover in the compound there's where i draw the line....otherwise...disney could be a good thing for marvel in terms of movie financing.

@ Desmond - yeah i seriously do hope they give us good films with better funding, better sets and props..

LEon said...

So if I go to disney land, I will not only see cartoon characters that are CUTE not Superheroes??

Fine I can line up take photo with Mickey and even hug Winnie the Pooh but can you imagine Venom and Hulk walking around in Disneyland? I think children will freak out.

I dun think it will work out...

Jul said...

I'm not so surprised by the acquistion of Marvel by Disney. I sort of half expected it when Disney secured the rights to release the DVD volumes of the 90's X-Men cartoon series that I bought earlier this year.

I think most of Marvel's creations will still be intact. Disney is very good at marketing and this is vital for a comics company to expand its influence, especially with keen competition from other modern entertainment like online gaming.

I just wonder if Hasbro will still continue to make the Marvel toys. Many Disney toys are made by Mattel.



Joshua said...

@leon - that's what i dont 'want to see either...i dont 'want the concept of disneyland to change...or have a marvel section...true kids would freak out. but either way disney should retain its classic timeless look...imho after going there through the years.

@Juliana - haha ..i was surprise , partly also i was rather backdated haha!!! though wont' it be funny or different perhaps to see two great corporate giants, marvel and disney labels on a toy package? its just a tad contrary to each other..but i'm sure in film franchises, marvel will start making better movies ...no monetary woes..

Chun Sang said...

now this is so wrong.how can disney buy marvel entertainment?how can a company that caters generally to kids buy a company that does superheroes?

at least warner bros buying dc back then seemed decent.

Joshua said...

i get where you're coming from..that was what that crossed my mind. though i wasn't thinking of how could disney accquire marvel or how it would change marvel but more of how accquiring marvel would change disneyland! lawl.

but i guess we'd wait and see. disney doesn't screw up what they do, true they're catered to the child at heart, but i guess that's what marvel is too. though i guess in terms of budget they're possibiliy the financially best thing to marvel. though the accquistion was unexpected....totally.