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Friday, September 25, 2009

Hot Toys Announcements: DX Joker Released.

Both the final headsculpts of the DX joker and its Cop uniform alternative head have been released.

And as far as i can say, i'm pretty sure on my part that i did make the right choice in pre-ordering this superb figure. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

also, here's the link to how the new PERS (Parallel Eyeball Rolling System) works for the joker's DX Headsculpt.



Little Plastic Man said...

I am also glad I pre-ordered this. LOL

Joshua said...

yeah, its' gonna be available in HK by tmr. so we can expect it around in 3 weeks time.

meanwhile we're hit by a HOTTOYS bombload of terminator salvation.

the t600 rubber skin, marcus wright and lastly chris redfield.

talk about a sudden massive drain in cash.

and bro, dont' miss up on the T600 RUBBER VERSION!

sket said...

i didnt order this piece. but i'll buy it instead of batman dx. gonna grab the nurse outfit to complete. just wondering, if anyone know where i could buy the shotgun joker uses?

Joshua said...

oh the shotgun he used can be easily found off hot toys' military line.

i do believe the m249 75th regiment with edward norton likeness military figure comes with the exact same shotgun as what joker used in the film..