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Friday, September 4, 2009

Iron Man 2 Movie: Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI incoming!

as written in this article, we can expect to see Mark IV, Mark V, Mark VI as well as bruce banner, Black Widow, Whiplash, and War Machine upcoming from hot toys in 2010!

and not just that, with ample research online, i found pictures of what Mark V would look like.
This picture below is Mark V made by hasbro.
Triangular Chestpiece eh? Well i can't wait for 2010. Boy, the best parts of collecting always is the hype and speculation and geek discussions. Kudos to Mirrorboy for discussing and kickstarting this hype for next year!


LEon said...

You have to ask yourself one important question. If it is not by hottoys, will hasbro going to release the toys still in 5" or 3.5 inches? Looking at what Hasbro is doing, most toys move to 3.5 inches since most toy collector (not me) start to accept that size for the price that used to be for 5 inches.

Joshua said...

not exactly sure of the hasbro's announced scale but i'm certain it would follow with ironman 1's movie line's scale.

and yes hot toys are releasing mark IV, V AND VI. its written in the magazine article which i've posted a picture of.

Jcee said...

Can't wait to see the new suit designs! For 1:6 collectors, man! Better start saving up! haha!

@Leon: I wonder about what size Hasbro is going to go with for this line too. On one side, at 3.75", they will be compatible with the MU line. Then on the other side at 6", they probably won't have to do much retooling to accomodate the new suits since there are already a lot of "concept" suits that will probably share similar molds with the newer stuff.

Dash MacBastard said...

The Triangular shaped chest piece also appeared on the "silver sphinx" armor worn by IM in the comics during the 80s. I'd kinda like to see the ILM design crew's take on that armor.

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