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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Expanding My Collection: Sideshow Premium Format


I have recently taken an interest in Sideshow Collectible's range of products, starting off from their 12' inch Star Wars products and after much consideration, i felt that the amount spent on getting 12' inch figures and the somewhat ''margin of diminished returns'' with each subsequent figure i got, made me choose to turn to something much more substantial and definitive. A figure which would stand the weathering and test of time and yet be the center of awe in a collector's shelf.
So i chanced upon this Premium Format figure of Yoda and a 501st Clone Trooper, depicting the intense battle where Clone Troopers actually get decapitated and stabbed outside the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in Episode III, revenge of the sith.
Ever since i saw clone troopers on the big screen, or Stormtroopers for the matter, i always wondered to myself why there never was a scene with Luke Skywalker facing these troopers in close combat? to flaunt the intensity and danger of getting on the wrong end of a lightsaber...or jedi dicing up the Clone troopers...
Basically Clone Troopers for all their skills, training and bravado, would be no match to a trained jedi with a lightsaber, and to see limbs and arms flying around just like say, Jedi Academy the video game, or Jedi Outcast, would be every Star Wars fanboy's Nerdgasmic dream. seriously, in my opinion, star wars has been too downplayed and ''clean'' so as to appeal to all ages, hence losing much of the potential it could have had, to do something way darker and gritter...say like the video games '' force unleashed...though THAT too doesn't have much graphic violence.


So here it is, in my opinion, the definitive moment of the ferocity of Yoda, captured in premium format. Demonstrating how the force is something not to be underestimated, and that this little, and often calm Jedi Master can indeed be a formidable opponent.


Running through a clone with a lightsaber like a hot knife through melting butter! YODA For The Win!


I am still considering my options and finances to get this figure. Would appreciate any comments and or opinions to a definitive Star Wars display ....

Priced at around $600 +/- it isn't something to take lightly, but then again, its almost the cost of 2 12' inch figures. and pretty worthwhile too considering its made of polystone and handpainted, with yoda featuring tailored costume, and an eventual light up lightsaber...





well guess that's my take on this, any opinions or suggestions for a better figure before i settle on this?


The Rebel said...

Sweeeeet!!!Do it bro (preorder!)..:P

LEon said...

Yoda kill a clone trooper? Isn't that the dark side? Oh nevermind Clone troopers are cheap anyway. Can order some more clone for replacement later.

okay since you are asking for advice, I just have this question for you. If you get this and in 3 yrs time you look back, do you still feel happy or proud like you were or at least half of that happiness? $600 can buy something else in 3 years time of equal if not more of the value of that piece to you.

Just my 2cents bro. As Russell Peter says "Whatever make you happy man"

Joshua said...

@ The Rebel - Thanks man!

@ Leon - thanks for your valuable insight bro! because considering the amount i spend on 12' inch figures, with each costing up to $250, i was thinking it would be more worthwhile to get something that lasted, something much more solid, this fig's made of polystone, and stands at aroudn 18 inches....

furthermore it would be a nice centerpiece display i guess...though the money is the big issue here for me which holds me back haha! and DISPLAY SPACE TOO!!!

thanks for your opinion man! really appreciate it alot!!!!
ooo and yoda DID kill clonetroopers, stabbed, cut of arms etc....episode 3...because clone troopers followed darth sidious' orders to execute jedi!!! =D

deSMOnd said...

I won't buy SS premium format as I enjoy posing 12inch figures!!

Joshua said...

@Desmond - true, it won't have the poseablity, though what i want would be something to rival my KOTOBUKIYA vinyl star wars statues in terms of detail and its ability to hold its own visually with perfect accuracy...

so i'm still considering...because of the price point =( though i'm rather i'm certain i'd be getting it if i do think its defenitive enough as a star wars display ....

Dash MacBastard said...

I know what you mean about the price of Sideshow's Premium Format figures. They're amazing pieces, but incredibly expensive too. Sideshow does have a Flexplay option though- where you make payments in installments. Not sure if it's available to overseas customers though.

Joshua said...

i agree flexipay does seem like a good way to purchase products, but i normally would prefer to pay it downright in full though...heh....makes me feel the pinch and withhold from spending for several months =D

thanks for the heads up by the way!

Little Plastic Man said...

Life is short...live to be happy. If getting it wouldn't bankrupt you and will bring a smile to your face...why not!