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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hot Toys Terminator Salvation John Connor Backstage Headsculpt production

with the previous massive production errors on the headsculpts released for the first batch of connors, Hot Toys had since issued a public apology letter and held back further releases, but it seems that now they've fixed their paintwork and manufacturing issues to show us production photos of the to be released final mass production headsculpts of John Connor of Terminator Salvation.

according to Hot Toys, this production line is the first to feature their new PVC material which would be closer and more lifelike, reflecting the realism that of Christian Bale as John Connor.

though i must say i'm not feelin' the love y'all.....doesn't look john connor to me at this angle. and the beard's a tad too much. BUT i'd be patient and hold my tongue. Hope i'd be proven wrong and that this sculpt will blow me away when i have it in hand.


Michel van Opstal said...

Yes Joshua!!
Doesn't look john connor to me too at this angle!!Very different of the promotional pics!!
I don't know...maybe I'm wrong too!!
Let´s wait and see the final product.

Joshua said...

agreed bro!