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Monday, August 17, 2009

STGCC 2009: Transformers brought to you by Stephen Chiam aka Stephenus Prime


If you've visited STGCC 2009, you would've noticed a shelf, dedicated to Transformers, filled to the brim with variants of Optimus Prime and Megatron. These figures are displayed graciously by the generosity of a fellow local collector, STEPHEN CHIAM! aka Stephenus Prime. And its my pleasure to have a picture here of Stephen himself with his display @ STGCC!

i had the honor of knowing Stephen online, and have discussed various interesting figures and toys over the months. Finally met him in person @ Transformers' Revenge of the Fallen midnight launch at Forum gallery, with him coming up to me in person to introduce himself, catching me off guard! Meeting him here again at STGCC 2009 has been great and its one of the best part STGCC 2009.

so should you have any queries or just simply fanboy stuff related to both transformers and kamen rider, feel free to discuss it with him for not only is Stephen a guru in this field, he's more than willing to help and give advice on best prices or simply just to discuss hauls of the day!

so all you Transformers and Kamen Rider fanboys, do head down to Stephenus Prime, Stephen's very own toy blog to check out the tons of other figures he's collected his entire life for what you saw on display @ STGCC is merely a small humble fraction of the figures he's collected in his lifetime.


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Stephen really has great and depth collection. Even Hasbro take notice of him.

Joshua said...

yeah, to add he was the one who helped organize the MIDNIGHT LAUNCH for transformer @ forum gallery if i'm not wrong. that's how i met him!

LEon said...

That's a collector with a passion for you!

Joshua said...

passion and heart! for he shares his collection to the public eye and contributes actively in his field without asking for anything in return! great to know him in person.