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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hot Toys MMS: X-Men Origins Wolverine

And finally we have the much anticipated figure we've been waiting from hot toys since forever, Wolverine! and Hot Toys has finally managed to capture his likeness. I've pointed out some of the flaws spotted on this figure below...











Almost everything about this figure is spot on, from the clothes, to the jacket and boots, and hey, the BUCKLE TOO! its fantastic that they've resculpted the hair making it more accurate and the frown to the nose screams Hugh Jackman all the way. And i'm lovin' the new hirsute muscular body, a nice balance of muscled figure and articulation! Better still is the painted hair on the body to give the feral wolverine touch!

However much i do not wish to burst the bubble for most fans of wolverine, and Credits to Chun Sang for pointing it out to me, Notice how the figure's chin differs from Hugh Jackman as wolverine, not noticible but to the keenest of eyes, but hey, if the chin's wrong, its wrong! Jackman ain't got no cleft chin!



another closeup comparison, Jackman has no Cleft Chin.

that aside, we've got an awesome figure lined up, do hope that Hot Toys does tweak it up...


Mike Overall said...

Hey man, thx for visiting my site! Yours looks great! I wish I could do more stuff like that. Will bookmark ya!

deSMOnd said...

Joshua, thanks for pointing out the chin part. Hope Hot toys can change that. Overall, I am ok with this figure..

Dash MacBastard said...

Looks a lot better than the pics that were originally put out. Hair looks improved a bit. Thanks for the post!