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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Defiance: Movie Review

Caught the Sneaks for Defiance today,
Freedom begins, with an act of defiance.
Based on the true story of the Bielsky Partisans, who were Polish Jews who came together for protection when their homeland was invaded by the Germans. The story revolves around the four jewish brothers, Tuvia (Daniel Craig), Zus (Liev Schreiber), Asael (Jamie Bell), Aron (George MacKay), who had managed to escape detention and encampment by the German Army, and instead of going into hiding, went back to rescue fellow Jews and built up a new community in the midst of the jungles to survive WWII.

Asael Bielsky (Jamie Bell)

Daniel Craig, famously know as James Bond, stars as Tuvia Bielsky, Leader and Commander of the bielsky partisans.

' you should've shot the milkman' - Zus Bielsky

Seems like around this timeframe, Hollywood enjoys churning out WW2 movies, with Valkyrie (starring Tom Cruise ) coming up next.
To sum it up, Defiance is indeed a show to catch, its storyline revolving around the survival of the Polish Jews and the struggles of building up a community when all form of law, justice, equality and fairness has broken down. The difficulties and struggles of maintaining leadership and doing what that is right often comes into question in the movie, as Tuvia, struggles between vengeance against the Germans who have pushed the Polish Jews and hunted them like animals, and choosing between protecting his people.
The movie explores to a certain extent the stereotypes of Jewish people, portraying them in this film to be people not to be messed with. It also explores the binding of community and how it is neccessary for survival in every case.
However, the rock hard grittiness of which the film begun with somewhat got lost along the way, but the story still followed along well, ( the revenge of Tuvia, by executing the police commisioner who murdered his family, Zus' revenge killings on villagers who aided germans kill jews. ) before milding down to the building of a community and the nitty gritty details and hardships.
I particularly enjoyed both Daniel and Liev's portrayal of the brothers at conflict between seeking vengeance and rebuilding the lives they've lost. With Daniel Craig's intense wide blue eyes almost in all shots even when he's supposed to be in a concussion. Liev's portrayal of sibling rivally too is something to note for a veteran actor.
All in all, Defiance is indeed a great movie to catch, and with a runtime of 137 minutes, would be worth your time and money.
(damn i wanna do a daniel craig defiance kitbash....anyone knows where to get the parts? )


@lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore said...

thanks for the review Joshua, I'll be sure to catch it :) a Daniel Craig bash of him other than james Bond would indeed be quite refreshing :)

Joshua said...

you're welcome Alex!!! agreed on the kitbash for a new Daniel craig as Tuvia Bielsky!