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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Loading Toys The Courier

After the undisputed success with their Dangerous Man release, which resembled Daniel Craig as James Bond. I was first dubious of their quality and reputation, it being a new company. But my faith in Loading Toys are now cemented after my purchase of the Dangerous Man aka Bond.

So its to my greatest pleasure, that loading toys are releasing yet another sculpt, and pretty decent accessories to boot, ladies and gentlemen, Jason Statham.

I do believe that this release is also due to the hype and buildup to Transporter 3.

Pretty accurate likeness there.

Comes with....
-1 Jason Statham likeness headsculpt
-1 U.S. military sweater
-1 Tactical Pants
-1 Diplomat Bag
-1 G18C
-1 G18C Long Magazine
-1 511 Low Caliga
To note the head's made of resin, so its something you don't wanna drop.

Rather love the military sweater. Hopefully its quality would be a tad better than Dangerous Man's polo which was way too thin. The glow sticks that come with this figure would be something new though dubious to me...considering glowsticks are a one use thing.
All in all a pretty useful figure for kitbashes and Saturday toy's men's suits. Gonna need more of those....and till its released, i'd wait patiently.


Mohd. Shuhaimi Shuib said...

Wow, nice headsculpt. I hope this will be a competitor to Hot Toys. But if there is a competitor, I hope the bidding for a movie's license will not increase the toy's price :)

Joshua said...

thanks for dropping by my blog brother!

i do believe they stand a good chance against Hot Toys,

one because of their pricing and the accuracy of their headsculpts..

however the downside is unlike hot toys, they do not use plastic for their heads, it is made of resin and is much more brittle in a sense when dropped. - prone to chipping.

furthermore we might see in the forseable future ...loading toys getting sued for using exact likenesses without licences, but that's why we're getting such GREAT deals...no licencing to pay for!

hope Loading toys keeps going on smoothly without hiccups!

cheers mate

sket said...

i love the complete outfit of the statham figure. yes it's an awesome military sweater

Joshua said...

agreed sket!