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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009: Message From Joshua

Whilst most would wish all a very Happy Chinese New Year 2009, for prosperity and wealth and health, we must all confess that it is in part, optimism we hold dear, in these times of adversity.

Considering retrenchment will strike the hearts of many companies in full force here in Singapore right after the end of Chinese New Year.

And whilst words and wishes may be of little comfort in times like these, may we yet perservere through these adverse times, holding dear to us hope, optimism and strike opportunity the moment it presents itself to us.

and with the recent inauguration of President Barrack Obama, i have faith that in time, the american economy would stablize, settling down american based firms and companies here in Singapore, improving our economy by a tad'.

Likewise to the saying in The Dark Knight, and with the same conviction and emotions, i'd say '' I believe in Barrack Obama '' the same way as '' I believe in Harvey Dent''. Obama, being the symbol of change and hope just like Harvey Dent has been in TDK.

so with that, i leave you my dear readers, with but a simple prayer, to hold onto faith and hope, to find strength and courage in these darkened times, and press on. God Bless and good night.


LEon said...

yes let's hope for the best!

Joshua said...

indeed bro.