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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lego Star Wars Shadow Trooper Keychain

a little something to put a smile on my face through Chinese New Year...


Hauled it in today whilst running a wild goose chase from CSC to Plaza Singapura, supposedly to help Mirrornoob purchase his Hot Toys ironman Mark III whilst he's at high tea...
Pretty much a wasted trip considering Mirrornoob's failure to enquire the details on his trip down yesterday.

they're out of stock and even if the stocks do arrive, it'd be reserved for Pre-orders only...whilst others are not carrying the item till weeks after Chinese New Year. Plaza Sing's Movie Replicas do carry it, however are frequently out of stock, and the prices tend to be a tad' steeper than the rest...best plan of action is to wait it out Mirrornoob.

Seems that Hot Toy's Iron Man is gonna be one helluva of a HOTSELLER! got word from some sellers that they'd jack the price up way higher for walk-in purchases in the future...good thing i've got mine pre-ordered at Singapore's premium toy shop....The Falcon's Hanger!!


LEon said...

glad you preorder your Hot Toy's Iron Man. Yes it is a hot figure. Thank God I don't collect 12" figure, can save money. :P

Little Plastic Man said...

Wow...good thing you preorder. I think I am skipping this one. I am just not excited about this one...maybe your pics will change my mind!...LOL

Joshua said...


@ Leon: its a pity..ironman is one that's worth getting your hand into 12 inch!!!

LEon said...

yes i agree because of the armor and light but it way over my budget and I lack of space to display 12" toys. Review it when you get one.