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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hot Toys 12' inch Bank Robber Joker Photoshoot

Finally got around taking shots of my bank robber joker. Kudos to Mirrornoob for helping me figure out how to use the macro function of my camera.

Also would like to take the opportunity to thank both Desmond and Adrian for helping me make my decision, via their photoshoots, whether or not to cancel my pre-order...had i done so, i wouldn't have had such an awesome figure. ( pretty skeptical of its paint apps at first )

In my opinion, as yet my favourite toy of my 12' inch collection. Good thing i didn't cancel my preorder.

Joker's iconic pistol with the extended clip
''Bonzo mask'' - titled by The Dark Knight dvd subtitles.

''I believe, that whatever that doesn't kill you, simply makes you......stranger....''

''This city deserves a better class of criminal, and i'm gonna give it to them!!!''


Little Plastic Man said...

It is really an awesome figure. It's even better when you got it in your hands. Glad you got it!

Joshua said...

thanks bro...luckily i heeded your advice and stuck on with the pre-order!!!!

deSMOnd said...

Good score afterall :P

The Rebel said...

Wow! Nice banner!!! Adrian, hats off to you! The best BR Joker shoot so far I've seen!!

Joshua said...

thanks guys...