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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot Toys Announcement Updates - X-Men Origins Wolverine & Marcus Wright Improved Headsculpt

After a much anticipated wait, Hot Toys has finally unveiled their next blockbuster product lineup, X-Men Origins: Wolverine figure...namely, the titicular character...

However hyped i am, i must admit i'm not impressed, YET. The Hugh Jackman likeness has a long way to go to look like him. Not a fan of the hair sculpt either, though the clothes look rather fantastic. But knowing HOT TOYS, they'd soon announce a new and improved headscupt so i wont ' worry much.
On another note, Sam Worthington's likeness here as Marcus Wright is now finally, SPOT ON! The jaw to the nose and ears now resemble the iconic Terminator he played in Terminator Salvation, though i honestly missed the intense stare he had from the first sculpt.

To note, they also improved his hairsculpt which is growing on me slowly, wasn't really blown away by it at first but now, its looks better the longer i stare at it. ( self comforting )

that aside, Iron Man Mark I is due to hit stores end June, and boy...i sure am broke.
as yet my preorders are as follows
T-600 Endoskeleton
John Connor
Marcus Wright
Chris Redfield
Sheva Alomar

may have to pass on the Resident Evil line to get the other figures i am also interested in, namely

Mark I Iron Man
Dutch Schaffener
John Connor 2nd Variant
T-600 with rubber facemask

but with so many variants to keep up with, there would come a point that i have to choose between one. And hell, this year sure is one helluva year for collectors. With multiple lines being announced and churned, and not just that, Terminator Salvation's packing a truckload of figures to collect. Making this year awesome, and terribly expensive.

though i predict the yet unannounced figures that i'm interested which will soon grace the shelves of Hot Toys are

Rorschach of Watchmen
DX batman

now i ponder on what we'd have next year.


Dash MacBastard said...

I'm with you on a Hot Toys Rorchach. Definitely want the skin covered T-600 too.

Joshua said...

yeah man, rorschach's a must for any watchman fan.

though i'm pretty stuck with the T-600 with rubber skin. If i do get it, it'd be a variant of the original t600, and besides its hands aren't as intricate as the original being gloved and all..

so i'm wondering

Mohd. Shuhaimi Shuib said...

No! Don't ask for Rorschach figure now, I'll be dead if they announce it now. Hope they'll do it, but not now though. As for wolvy, I kinda like the wavy hair hehe. But yeah the face sculpt is not as real as Jackman, but Hot Toys regularly improved their final products prior before releasing them. Let just hope they'll do that on him too.

The Rebel said...

Rorshach is a definite to most I reckon! Hurmm!!!! :)

Let it NOT be a variant release JUST to show him without his mask on......that'll be a bummer!

Joshua said...

@Shuhaimi - yep i do believe Hot Toys will improve the sculpt before release, and i heard that it'd be a LIMITED edition figure...now it gets interesting...and i'm waiting on Rorschach patiently...=D

though i agree it would do a huge damage to collectors if he's announced now with all the huge lines we have.

@ THE REBEL - yep rorschach's iconic! hopefully they'd release him with 2 headsculpts...HT has often done so with this movie masterpiece formula....eg ironman mark 3? two heads.