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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hot Toys Terminator Salvation T-700 Endoskeleton

Finally got around opening this figure and taking him out.

as you can see, Hot Toys has changed its standard use of cardboard boxes to house figures and went for a stylised styrofoam instead. For the whole rough metallic look. Aesthetically pleasing though i must say it would be a pain to upkeep in the long run.
Front Design on styrofoam. Reminiscent of the endo's chest plate.
and the back, that of the spinal column.
Incredible detailing and shoulder plates which can be opened to peer into the wires and intricate servos/hydrolics

The endo with its diorama stand.

Picked up my predator last week and will feature it up soon, when i do take it out of the box.


Shaun said...

congrats on the cool score, hope you're having as much fun with it as I did with T-800. Salvation's going to be a very expensive line to collect based on the figure line up.

The Rebel said...

I envy the lot of you who have the 'budget' to collect this line.. :)

I was just thinkin of getting John Connor, perhaps the variant version. Heheh....I've been hearin a lot of grumblin from collectors, HT milking collectors dry and all...IMHO thats just bad move on their part. What an impression collectors have on 'em now?

LEon said...

outstanding. You even use the wallpaper behind. :)

Joshua said...

@ Shaun - thanks bro!! yeah really thankful that i managed to score an endoskeleton, since the t-800 was from a time before i started 1/6th collecting..salvation was an opportunity to get me a terminator..

and yeah salvation's gonna be a huge line, something Hot Toys hasn't done before...7 in one line so far.

t600 Martin laignh signature
t600 rubber skinned version
John Connor
John connor infiltration suit
marcus wright

gotta pick from the line wisely..

@ THE REBEL - yeah, the 2nd john connor is more generic and also will be cloth not pvc costume..Hence will last longer in the long run... and i agree HT has been milking this licence dry...

@ Leon - Thx bro!!! =D

deSMOnd said...

Joshua, I like one of your photos with Terminators making factory background..Swee ah!!

Joshua said...

thanks desmond!!!!

RiP666 said...

I wish to get one too T-T

Joshua said...

you should get it bro, its pretty awesome....though terribly light...

almost weight like half a plastic cup of water...yes its that light.

though its a MUST get if you've missed the t800...and this figure's texture is ammmazing!!!

RiP666 said...

sounds cool, I will put it into my list ^^ , thanks for the review, it was awesome

Joshua said...

cheers rip!!! always a pleasure!