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Sunday, June 21, 2009

T-600 Infiltrator Unit rubberized face mask and ripped human clothing.

As yet the circulating pictures of a probable release of the T-600 infiltrator unit. Having a screentime of under 3 minutes, its a marvel they're making it into a toy. Not that it won't be good or something, but the rate Hot Toys are churning out toys from the same licence, and how they don't announce these things till customers have ordered the earlier annoucements, does make the whole experience rather fouled up.

just like the whole batman and rerelease for a DX version ''hooha''...or say the joker DX release hooha.

can't trust a toy company that's out to make the most of a licence to play it straight and at least give consumers the benefit of knowing what's coming up in the line, to allow us a chance to choose the better of the two similiar products. this whole ''delaying of announcements till customers have ordered'' tactic before unveiling a somewhat similiar variant is just plaintively low and cheap. point of a variety is to allow freedom of choice. Seems like collecting is now mainly for the completists. Hot Toys seem to force collects down that expensive route.
and in case you don't yet know, there's also gonna be a John Connor variant. no difference in the headsculpt as far as i'm aware.

hell and when they're done with this, why don't they just throw in a DX marcus...? go ahead and milk the damn fucking licence...and suck us dry.


LEon said...

You should see this coming right? Since they do that for the Joker.

Joshua said...

its kinda expected ... though i think in all fairness releasing two figures with similiar headsculpts but different costume's a tad pushin' it.

Dash MacBastard said...

Wish Hot Toys would do the Moto Terminator instead of another John Connor.
Still, the new T-600 sounds promising.

Joshua said...

i wouldn't mind a blair williams, mototerm, HK, but not another JOHN connor. though endo marcus would be sweet.