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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Splinter Cell: Conviction

With this being the fifth title off Ubisoft's Iconic Splinter Cell series, expectations and hopes run high for this instalment.

Having being stuck in some sort of development hell, as it was being scheduled for release in 2007, and i had been waiting since then till now, it's a sigh of relief that it's going to be out finally.
what i found most pleasing was the fact that Sam Fisher has evolved and grown as a character through the series and years, from one who takes orders without questions through his subdermals and executes his orders, to a gradual lingering moral conflict. where he upholds his morality and struggles to do his job for his country. And often seen were his sacarstic and ironic humor used in dialogue, on deeper insight, a way for Sam Fisher to maintain his stress.

Now with no holds barred, and having left the NSA, he is now a fugitive and renegade by all means, having ended the last instalment's Double Agent as a convict and fugitive working for the terrorist, which was part of a cover he was supposed to keep being a splinter cell. One which only his handler, lambert, knew.

Sam Fisher is out for revenge and justice beyond one that the system that keeps this country running can satiate. he is out for blood. With nothing to lose, and no orders to take but his own. Hell, Sam Fisher's gonna be one kickass of a character.

oh, and watching the trailer, the moves and character development of fisher since the last instalment, he sure reminds me of good old jack bauer, with the interrogation methods, killing styles and all...only more lethal and agile. And one thing to note, Sam ain't that calm no more, he's pissed, and bad ass! Three cheers to that!

links to the gameplay video here.


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