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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Review & Exclusive Figure

Caught Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen today. And i must say, this movie is a must for those who love the franchise/toy and or cartoon, and also those who're just hanging around for the movie kicks.

i feel strongly that this show was based on a fast paced, dynamic action movie, with extremely breathtaking aesthetic graphics, namely the robots be it autobots or decepticons. Though i must add that whilst this year boosts a hell lot of heavyweight titles in terms of franchises and movies, as yet they've all been pretty much action movie no brainers. Apart from Watchmen perhaps?

there a a few plotholes or rather small questions left unanswered likewise with the first film but i doubt one would pick on such nitty gritty details when the film just blows you away in terms of visual appeal. From frame to frame, be prepared to be wowed at the COOL FACTOR of the robots. Transforming, to fighting to dying to disguising. Loved the cinematic dramatising of Optimus' defeat and (PLOT SPOILER, HIGHLIGHT TO VIEW) -DEATH. but he gets resurrected- Spoilers end here.

There is a general plot ongoing though, this film drives hard on its action and i'd give it a 5/5 star rating with consideration that one watches it solely to be entertained, action, big explosions, visual appeal and plain geek fandom! It's a one of the better films by far to hit the box office so far, with Terminator Salvation being a huge downer.

That aside, i've got a nice figure for you to peek.
just get the popcorn and drink combo and you'd get to choose one of three 3' inch figures, of Optimus Prime, Megatron or Bumblebee. Looks pretty sweet IMHO. though the combo special comes at a stiffling price of $9.90... and i got it mainly for this figure...

whisking this figure off to my shelve display!

that aside the plastic cup for the drink is reusable, and has a very nice design of transformer's Optimus on it. Will feature it here when i've scrubbed it clean.


LEon said...

Thx for the review. I was that closed to catch the movie today but... nvm hope to catch it during the weekend.

Jul said...

Hi Joshua!

Thanks for the movie review! :)

Btw, which cinema has the ROTF toys with the popcorn meal? I only saw the normal popcorn meal set on display at the GV popcorn counter..

I want a Bumblebee figure on my desk! :D


Joshua said...

@ leon - YOU MUST CATCH IT..its one of the better films of the year i imo

@ Juliana - i think the offer's available via Cathay ...not sure about the other branches but the cinema i went to was Cineleisure.

Chun Sang said...

i think all the figs all snapped up alrd.lol.


Joshua said...

@ Chun Sang - hell yeah man!...air drop ...how much cooler can anything else be??

my fren got megatron..bigger and badass.

Jcee said...

Always loved your reviews and this one is no exception! Linked to you in my ROTF post!

deSMOnd said...

Yes Joshua, thanks for your detailed review of the movie..ROTF rocks man!!

Joshua said...

@Jcee - thanks a million for the appreciation bro!!

@Desmond - thanks man! trully appreciate!

The Rebel said...

Great review man! This is one kick-@$$ movie!

I'm a firm believer that we shd never rely on critics' opinion alone, they're just a bunch of 'has-beens/wannabes' who never made it in life, so now they gotta ruin other ppl's life too! :p

RiP666 said...

I've watched it too... it was awesome and you gave 5 point for this movie too ^^...

but it still missed one thing,,

I didn't heard that optimus said
"autobots, roll out"