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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Passing of a Pop Icon: Michael Jackson, An Eulogy

An Eulogy: Michael Jackson

29th August 1958 - 25th June 2009

Today marks a passing of one of history's most indelible Pop Culture Icons, Michael Jackson.

For four decades, he has entertained the world. Be it his adorable youthful voice as a child singer in Jackson Five, or his solo career with the unforgettable trademark moves, from the moonwalk in Billie Jean to the gravity defying leans in Smooth Criminal, to the distinct screams and yowls peppering his songs.

Rightly dubbed the ''King of Pop'', having hit multiple platinums for his hit singles and albums, and snagging 13 grammies, having being awarded 7 in one year. And not to mention, being honored at the Hollywood walk of Fame twice. These are proof enough of the impact he has made in his 50 years in this world.

and through his work, he has broken racial barriers for other fellow artists into the music industry and inspired generations to come.

with relation to that, i remember fondly the times where i would groove to the catchy tunes of 'beat it' and 'black or white', amongst many others. These two songs are distinctively a part of my memory, having grown up listening to them, recalling the youthful defiance McCaulay Culkin in the music video of ''Black or White'' to the sheer cool dance moves of ''Beat it'' and how he actually managed to make a shirt with a piano keyboard print actually look cool. (having grown up playing the piano since childhood, i never thought it would actually be cool playing the piano till i saw Michael Jackson wearing that shirt in Beat It )

and years later, i still must confess that his music has been a great influence to me still, with me playing BEAT IT instrumentally as a soundcheck during both my practice and stage performances with my band. Whilst the english language falls short to describe the riffs and solos of that song, i will say, his legacy will carry on strong, for generations to come.

and with that I end my personal eulogy to Michael Jackson. Thank you for all that you have given this world.

Rest In Peace

With Regards,
Joshua Lim


LEon said...

Bro nice Eulogy. I'm a MJ fan too. Spending a large part of my teenage years trying to be BAD and Dangerous. It's a sad day for me but I know death happen to everyone. At least he didn't suffer.

It is more sad however to see those people who judge him as weird lifestyle now start to miss him and realize his contribution in his generation. Sad rite? I guess that human nature.

Whatever it is, his music will live forever.

RiP666 said...

His music still lives with us...

rest in peaces

deSMOnd said...

Yes, MJ music rocks forever..