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Friday, June 19, 2009

New Updated Headsculpt of Marcus Wright

I still can't quite make out the likness of Sam Worthington from this picture, and i shan't judge just yet till they get different angled shots of this new headsculpt. Kudos to Wookster over at Mediworld Forums for the picture.
meanwhile i've run completely, yes, COMPLETELY dry on resources and funds after spending on Jack bauer, T-700 and Predator this year, so far. but at least it leaves me with the following left on my list
-Marcus Wright
-John Connor
-DX Joker
-Sheva Alomar
-Chris Redfield
and yeah its a stretch for 6 toys when you're broke, meanwhile i'm drooling and at the same time regretting over cancelling my preorder for DUTCH. looks damn fine IMHO from all the pictures i've seen.
pictures of t700 are coming...


Dash MacBastard said...

Run out of funds??? You and me both! I ended up cancelling my Hot Toys Predator Dutch figure pre-order to free up some extra dough for the T-600. I know I'll be kicking myself in the pants for doing so somewhere down the road, but I loved Terminator Salvation- and I'm a sucker for cyborgs.

LEon said...

Don't really look like Sam...what about the accessories?

Joshua said...

@ Dash MacBastard - man i feel your pain too bro, we're both in the same shithole. being broke shitless sure as hell sucks. Yeah, i'm waitin' up on t600 though i must say john connor is hypin' me up. i'd regret down the road that i don't pick up arnie though...the whole realism of the sculpt and muscular body is awesome. man...

@ Leon - yeah, doesnt quite live up to the first sculpt...in fact its ''deproving'' accesories?? hm i'd post up one on the marcus wright fig soon!

LEon said...

Maybe then you should hold and who know they may have better released. Somehow I have a gut feel that they will be more of Marcus.

Joshua said...

i do believe they may release a DX marcus .... rumors going around about it too.