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Friday, September 19, 2008

Catch of the Day

Went on my weekly 'checkpoints' patrol routine to scout for any interesting items and came up with this today, which was a far cry from what i originally intended. ( stormtroopers and more stormtroopers to build up the 3 3/4 inch empire; attribute that to the whole the Force Unleashed enthusiasm). Cost me $39.90.
Considering that it looked fantastic and was reasonably priced for an approximately 9 1/2 inch figure. well, here goes my catch of the day: Marvel Legends: Unleashed black costume spider-man.

Back of box

Box Art

A pretty decent figure with a nice sculpt in general. The packaging's pretty good and i don't intend on opening it as yet. This figure boosts 34 points of articulation though there're no swivel biceps and thighs or calves like the movie's spiderman which in my opinion, makes the figure look better. Despite its relatively steep price of $39.90, it appears to be a pretty solid figure and i like the matt black paint used on this Black Costumed spider-man as opposed to the marvel legends version which was rather shiny and looked much more like a kid's play thing. A definitive addition to my collection this figure will be, i must say.


darkravenger said...

i commented. buahahahah
hmm lol since i was there to push u into buying it it is definately worth the money . the quality also good la. thats a cool spiderman over there.

Reavengeance said...

Thanks bro, appreciate the comment!
yep it's a real good haul and thanks for persuading me to get it!

Shaun said...

nice score joshua. :)