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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kitbash Planning

This picture is Golgo 013's, and you can check out his post here.

It's a fantastic kitbash of Hot toys USMC II MEF in tan flight suit, with a different body and suit

it was after viewing this picture that i'm somewhat itchin' to get down to building up my own KITBASH!

I'm using these photos below as reference for my kitbash. The character is PMC soldier from praying mantis off metal gear solid 4: guns of patriots. It's some sort of mix between the above pics and below pics. Would appreciate any form of help if anyone does see the items i'm looking for to create the character below.....the helmet, the headset, the kevlar, the suit and pants etc. (in the right colours)

And before i end, i'd like to make a shoutout to SHAUN, many thanks bro for helping me find that Black balaclava i needed at Playpen

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Shaun said...

thanks for the plug, you scored it already? I saw about three pieces yesterday.