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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The official release or rather, the worldwide release date for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was set on the 16th September 08', today. And with all the hype building up since last year, the anticipation is torturing. ' THE FIRST TIME to ever play as the DARK LORD HIMSELF, LORD VADER'. basically was one of the biggest tug and/or reason to actually pay attention to this game in particular.

Furthermore with the revolutionary Havok engine, Digital Molecular Matter ( DMM) material programming which allows objects in game, to act exactly the way they would in reality. Metal warps and bends, glass shatter to fragments, wood splinters. Furthermore with 'euphoria' added to the game's A.I. , ( a lifelike behaviour simulating engine) which somewhat mimics or should i say, replicates exactly how a real person would behave in real life situations. Say, if a stormtrooper were to be force gripped into air, he would desperately cling onto something close or nearby for dear life, eg : crates, boxes, pipes, railings. ( which you could literally tear off too, sadistically). With all these engines, effects running in this game, it somewhat ensures that you get a different experience each time you play, the A.I. reacts differently each time.


that aside, i got my copy of the force unleashed TODAY!
I was searching downtown for stores which would sell it, but they all were uncertain about its release date, some quoting this phrase time and time again ' today is for US release only lah!'
but luckily the shipment arrived at COMICS connection today at 6pm, and so i went down as soon as the sales assistant called me.

I got my ps3 version at $81.90 ,
and this game sure burns a huge hole in my pocket.
but it sure will be worth it.
i will be trying it out tomorrow.

Comics Connection Pte Ltd

The Force Unleashed Front view

The Force unleashed Back view

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