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Monday, September 29, 2008

Singapore F1 Grand Prix 28th September 2008

Yes, the singapore Grand Prix (pronounced: grahn preez), the first ever Formula 1 Night Race ever to be held, and also the first ever Formula 1 race in held in our sunny island singapore. Indeed it is an honour to have giants and legends like F.Massa, Kimi Raikonnen and Lewis Hamilton, and last but not least, Fernando Alonso.

Watching and marveling at these giants as they walked over to their shiny rides and saddled up for the race, i was all pumped up with exhilaration for this historic moment for Singapore.
F.Massa was a strong contender for this race, most likely or rather the expected winner for the race.

And amidst all the intense spotlights and the lights which reflected on the shimmering waters, this is one event never to miss.

Scouting out a place to watch it RIP! Somewhere in the marina mandrin's stairwell

Policeman sir, you gotta do better than just fences and cloth to stop us!

Fences ain't gonna stop us singaporeans baybeh! we're bring it down!

A view from the bridge.
To note, I was greatly saddened, not because i supported Ferrari, but it was absolutely saddening to watch one man's dreams and hopes and possibility of victory shatter because of a simple error such as handing the green light. The pitstop error was no fault of Felipe's. It was his team's failure to maintain the red light signal which was supposed to keep him on no throttle and on brakes. However ferrari's system of using all their men and not spending manpower on maintain a solid signal , cost Felipe his race. And as he pulled out from the pitstop tearing apart the fuel hose and a pitstop mechanic along. You could feel a silent ripple amongst the crowd, a silent acknowledgement that this race had been lost for him.

Truly to remark, an apt term to use would be '' it ain't over, till it's over''. A simple phrase to say that the till the end determines the winner, the outcome is yet, undecided.
Several car crashes occured that night, notably the first which was by renault. which held up much of the line. subsequently Team India crashed, a lead up due to Ferrari's F.Massa who got stuck against the wall pulling up causing team india to swerve and smash against the wall.
And as the wailing sirens of the safety car guiding all the other racers in line, i thought that that would be the last of the crashes when Kimi Raikonnen crashed his Ferrari after losing control at two bumps and collided with the safety concrete, losing his right wheel in the process. With just 4 laps to go, it indeed was a disspointing end for team Ferrari. With Massa, being the one who was utterly dissapointed.
Alonso made an amazing comeback with aggressive driving and tactics. His strategy of going light on fuel to make better cuts and overtakes and choice of going for an earlier pitstop seemed to be a mistake to everyone till Renault's other driver crashed which forced the rest to pitstop while Alonso, who already did so, could carry on. It was indeed amazing and truly inspiring to note that it never is impossible to conquer the odds however far one is away, behind...
truly this event is a once in a lifetime thing.

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