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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Disappointment comes in pairs. Hopefully not in threes.

missing the saga legends wave IS the definitive dissapointment of the week.
why so?
i had been waiting for this line to arrive for up to 6 months.
this is because it contains both the 501st trooper, and shock trooper, which i had missed a few years back, and ever since had been waiting. Furthermore with the poor service from Toys R us, especially with their customer hotline...it's apparent how i was never informed about it. (despite many emails sent to ask on the date of arrivals).

All in all i missed the shipment by 2 days, and when i arrived it was all gone. say, left darth maul and vader, which hit me that i missed the troopers i wanted so badly.

and with the AT-TE and Republic gunship still dangling on the wishlist, i have a serious huge amount of money needed to save. But at last, the republic gunship has arrived at TFH! However i'm still wondering if i should keep on with the 3 3/4 line, now that i'm starting on my kitbash.

ah we'll see how it goes.

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