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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marvel Legends Black Costumed Spiderman

This isn't a recurring post, it's Marvel Legends, not unleashed. And yes, Mirrornoob, i got you the figure you wanted on your behalf.

Somehow no matter what i do i can't get the flash away from spidey's crotch.

I was actually roaming around kinokuniya for some books when i just decided to drop by takashimaya to check out if there were anything new, and hoping to catch the Unleashed iron man that i missed out. And, i found this, the toy Mirrornoob was looking for, which he saw a few weeks back ( there was only one piece left that time) , and he wanted to purchase it, but carelessly left at a corner and in a second was snapped up by someone else.
Hence i took the opportunity this time around to do Mirrornoob a favour. Knowing full well how disappointed he was the last time.
To sum it up, the figure is pretty decent with very good articulation but i'm not so fond of it as the articulation and paintwork thrown into the figure somewhat makes the joints and cuts stand out.
Considering that this particular spidey is painted in almost a near shade of black, the joints and swivel wrists etc would stand out much more as compared to say, a regular spidey where there would be much more paintwork and ''netting'' over his body which would hide the joints well.
The plus side however would be its paintwork, instead of a standard matt black coat of paint all over like the Unleashed line, this spidey has a tinge of the comic bookesque colouring, black with dashes of dark blue hues to accent this spidey's come to life from comic look. Which is a mega PLUS factor.
it also comes with a left arm of the red hulk, a part of six which you have to collect from the series' line.
Lastly, this figure goes at $26.90, but with the on going 20% sale for some items at taka', it's now $21.52, a real good deal for a good figure like this. Go check it out.

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