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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Max Payne the Movie

Do not cross a man with nothing to lose...
Theatrical Poster 1

Theatrical Poster 2

Had been an avid gamer of max payne video games since primary school, well , two titles only( there're only two titles for max payne.) So it's a blast when they announced that Max Payne will be hitting silver screens.
I feel that Mark Walberg has enough character depth and darkness within him to portray himself as the title character himself, Max Payne. A cop who's family was slaughtered and now he roams the streets of new york, like a wraith seeking vengeance. While in-game Valkyrie is the name of the drugs the murderers/junkies used, this time round i see demons in the trailer...perhaps hallucinations?
well as yet this movie has a Constantinesque graphic look to it, which is good.
if i want to begrudge this movie, the most i can say is that in looks wise, Mark Walberg didn't quite hit it spot on. He's a tad too buff, to nail the look i'd say Johnny Knoxville would hit it spot on ( LOOKS ONLY. he can't be max payne in character)
all in all i'm really looking forward to this movie, aside from those previously watched great titles, ironman, batman etc.
and Marilyn Manson's '' if i was your vampire'' is the theme song for Max Payne. Truly apt and fantastic guitar riffs.
Hits cinemas 16th october

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