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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stormtrooper Stencil Hunt!

Around the start of this year, i stumbled upon this site which had a picture of the very same stencil that i eventually found, months later.

The sweet satisfaction of finding a needle in a haystack.
I'm the chap in FLIPFLOPS.

I do not know who the original artist was nor when it was first sprayed/stencilled/made. However browsing further online, i found an older picture of the same stencil, when it was still new.

Older Picture, newer stencil. Time fades all things.
Credits of this picture goes to Tim Parkson. You can visit his profile here.

Judging by when the older picture was posted, 4th july 06, this makes this stencil approximately 2 years old or more.
It was by pure coincidence that i chanced upon this very same stencil after viewing it months back. I was actually walking on foot to The Falcon's Hanger when i found this. And at that time i did not have a camera with me, so the following week i went back to that spot, armed with a camera, to take a picture of it. *

So dear reader, should you ever encounter this stormtrooper stencil, DO take a picture of it and post it up as a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!!!

Should you however be interested in finding it, i'd say that it is something greatly rewarding to find. Like a footprint in the sands of time... where others have journeyed and left their invisible footprints and taken pictures as trophies!

a hint on where to find it, is to journey from cityhall MRT to waterloo street by foot.

GOOD LUCK finding it, and may the force be with you.

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