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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Haul of the Day: Resident Evil 5 PS3: First Look

With over the top prices that most video gamers on PS3 platform pay, i was pretty much reluctant to get this game. Yes, i am aware of the high praise and fantastic reviews but i just wasn't in the mood to splurge on a video game, with so many 12' inch hot toys preorder and especially when i do not follow up the hype and pre-production enthusiasm till its eventual release.

Normally when i actualy do get video games, i'd read up on its previous titles, series, or backstory, just to build up the excitement etc. Resident Evil 5 was a first where i didn't follow up on the hype and just got it based on interest.

Although i didn't follow up the hype at first, i must say that i was since a kid, interested in Resident Evil ( video games). I still remember fondly the days where i struggle as a child of 7, fumbling the buttons, desperately trying to aim and put a bullet or two into a staggering zombie and fail desperately as more surround me and eventually munched me to death.

i would still recall how i couldn't even open the first door to get out of the alley of the very first scene, first level, first scenario. Pathetic really...but it does etch much memories....of a painful death and terrible nightmares with walking corpses.

Resident evil had and has always been the platform for my interest in a zombie apocalypse though i feel that the RE movies on silver screen, though interesting to watch for the pure zombie-come-to-life makeup , is a flop to its video game origins, hence i never was a fan of it but did watch it just to visualize how fun a zombie apocalyspe could be. ( Alice's godlikeness is retarded really...) hate those gungho over the top movies of late... old school yipee-ki-yayness of Bruce willis in Die hard is believeable as opposed to films nowadays, ultraviolet, RE's alice, and the whole untouchable effect on the main characters.


Small talk aside, Resident Evil 5 truly satiates my thirst and hunger for a solid ''oh what the f**k he ain't dead YET?'' zombie game. With the next generation graphics of the PS3, though some slight tearing can be visible from time to time in cutscenes, the graphics are otherwise smooth and easy on the eye. Most of all, Sheva Alomar, your skimpy clevage revealing partner who stands by your side. Yes gentlemen, she is hawt!

Whilst the A.I is pretty good considering RE5's shift from a solo horror puzzle solving genre to a coop action, most mainly use their ai partner, Sheva either as a pack mule to carry all the equipment, herbs, and grenades, or as bait as she runs towards hordes blazing to kill them whilst you chill at the back taking cheap pot shots.

Capcom's cheesy and somewhat campy dialogue returns, as expected though it narrates the storyline well.

that'd be all for now, and i'd resume gaming further to bring all you readers a full review sometime in the following week.

till then i'd keep my sights lined down to the humongous zombie with the axe, and Sheva's svelte figure at the corner of my mind...

i must add, that no thanks to my decision of getting the game, i am now hooked, and most definitely WILL be getting RE5's Hot Toys line, ( Chris Redfield seems to be high on steroids or some form of Marcus Fenix hormone treatments.)
First watching 24 to get hooked to enterbay's jack bauer, now RE5...i'm so gonna be broke, period.


Jcee said...

Always enjoy reading your reviews, can't wait for the full one on gameplay.

LEon said...

Shoot zombie in HD. Should be more exciting.

Joshua said...

=D my screen's 50 inch plasma..HD? i'm not sure..

Joshua said...

@Jcee - Thank you for the kind word of encouragement my FRIEND!!!! appreciate the support!

william said...

i'm just into my zombie killin RE5 really enjoying all the action so far, just updated my accesories with some playstation 3 bundles to go with my 42" plasma, it's amazing.

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

One friend of mine told that the game is tough if played alone. The CG does look outstanding. Must be very scary if you are to play this game alone at night.

Joshua said...

heh...luckly i play it during the day...and yeah it sucks to play it alone past the normal difficulty...

tried it once and couldn't even cope past first scenario with encouter of hordes of zombies....sheva dies, game over...