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Friday, March 13, 2009

Joshua's Preorder | Shopping | Wish | List!!!

Like Adrian, of Little Plastic Man, i am doing a list of figures that i want and have on preorder
who would ever want to miss the ORIGINAL predator, especially when its made by HOT TOYS

Jack bauer comes in next though forum's comments on the inability for the figure to stand without the aid of a figure-stand irks me. Furthermore the neck joint looks a tad strange when the head is turned at an angle. Still considering whether to hold onto the preorder.

Though the headsculpt is bloody good.

Terminator Salvation's T-600 & T-700


WISHED i preordered

Cancelled this preorder and took up jack bauer instead AND HAVE SINCE REGRETTED IT as DUTCH had a new headsculpt and repaint and revamp which looks totally awesome now. ( This is the old picture which made me drop it off from my want list) Now i'm regretting all the way. And Jack despite his awesome headsculpt seems to fall short in accessories and body proportions.

Being the definitive figure of Iron Man 1, ( because you wont' see it again in iron man 2) i felt that it was a pity i did not order this figure. Financial planning is a b*tch really. Can't we all have the money we want to buy TOYS ONLY?


i dare you say no to this figure...

others to get are:
Watchmen line by Hot Toys
Police Officer Joker by Hot Toys
Other Terminator Salvation Figures by Hot Toys


LEon said...

I dare to say NO! cos No budget. LOL

Joshua said...

LOL.....i'm actually running on empty here too! lol

deSMOnd said...

I also will not preorder Johnny from Terminator 4 as I don't really like this piece as nothing special about the outfits and weapons..

Dash MacBastard said...

I'm not too into the John Connor figure either. I've got the two endoskeletons on pre-order, the original Predator, and Dutch, and Hot Toys Hellboy... add all that up and I'm ALREADY doing more than my fair share to help stimulate the economy!

Joshua said...

@ desmond - i agree with you that the weapons and drop pouches etc are easily made with HT's history in Military figures which doesn't quite warrant the steep 219 dollars, mainly buying the licence likeness though i'm still up for it because finally i can have a pop culture item from terminator in my generation! previous terminator films wasn't around my time...

perhaps you'd change your mind after the movie bro!!! haha!! wait till i do get it in hand and take pix!

@ Dash - cheers on the two endoskeletons...i missed the t800 so no way i'm missing the t700 or t600

i'm still regretting over cancelling Dutch...hopefully HT does a Terminator 2 arnie so i can get a Arnie likeness...

and i must say we collectors are actually the main ones left who actually still splurge and keep the economy going!!!

cheers to collecting and surviving through the recession bro!

Dennis aka Katsuden said...

The Ironman 1 is cool! Nice preorder!

Little Plastic Man said...

Ha Ha...Jos..your damage looks pretty bad...Your wallet must be pretty angry!!...and empty!

Joshua said...

@Dennis - Thanks bro..pity i never orderd mark 1

@ Adrian - well bro, my wallet's malnutritioned and dying of starvation. Still gonna squeeze a little more outta it though =D

have yet to add RE5 lines now that i'm hooked to re5! super super broke this year...why must all the good stuff pile up this year?

deSMOnd said...

Joshua - Alamak! cancellation of preorder is small matter. You can always but Hottoys Dutch at CSC..No worry! got money to standby can liao!!

Joshua said...

if no money then HOW?

still got one magic opition...

rob bank.
robin hood of modern times is back!