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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hot Toys MMS DX - The Joker

Thanks to Shaun for the link and heads' up. Like he speculated, Hot Toys indeed DID screw early collectors over by re-releasing another joker, with a new headsculpt and additional grenades, otherwise similiar Joker to the first release.

I honestly wonder how collectors will be able to keep up with this licence milking madness. Whilst most still admire Hot Toys for its quality, four jokers from a single movie licence is way too much for many to cope.

And its a pretty feeble attempt to console MMS series collectors who bought the original joker by naming this new Joker under the MMS DX series.

i will honestly consider heavily whether or not to pursue these the two upcoming joker DX series, considering limited shelf space and financial resources.


RiP666 said...

sigh...I tired of Joker now. Is there anything else Hottoys coul do??

deSMOnd said...

Ya, sian ah..why can't they do Gordon?

LEon said...

It is for toy collector and so many good response that they have to make somemore. it is after all...business.

Remember when the buying stop, making will...why so serious? :P

The Rebel said...

Hmm, gotta agree with the 'milking' arguement...after all, who needs 4 Joker....:p

Might as well forget these and let those who weren't fortunate enough to get the 1st ver. Joker (hint...hint...hint...urs truly) buy these MMS DX releases! heheh...

Joshua said...

@ Rip66...i'm waiting for their TERMINATOR line

@ Desmond - i can't agree more with you

@ Leon - problem is their stuff are irresistable!

@ The Rebel - same here bro..passed on joker original ...this joker might just help me solve that problem though so many jokers does piss me off time to time.

LEon said...

Joshua if you have too much Joker, you can pass 1 to me. :D

Joshua said...

@leon - the only time that happens is when i have so much money that i can use them as toilet paper then i'd give you a joker!