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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Haul of the Day

with the economy down in the dumps, and stores slashing prices down to clear of excessive stock and to gather enough cash to tide the recession. It is indeed an ideal time for consumers to turn in for the kill and go on a shopping spree!

to those who'd feel guilty afterwords. one guilt free pass-phrase is : IT HELPS THE ECONOMY!

Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers baby!

The disappointing thing though is whilst most stores do participate in clearance sales or 50% off ..converse however remains aloof and holds their standard price...
otherwise i'd be stockpile converse shoes for a nuclear fallout =D chuck taylors chuck taylors and more chuck taylors. what more can you say for a shoe which is the representation of pop culture, rock & roll and more?
in addition i got a shoebag too which i convienently forgot to take a picture of.
headed down to bakerzin and starbucks for cakes and coffee soon after though pictures are too bad to be posted...


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

What a day to indulge in shopping and high tea! We need pamper ourselves once in a while

The Rebel said...

Wahh..another fav of mine as well bro!! Tho' I never had a low-cut black converse before....all my black coloured converse were high-cut.....and I still wear one today for band practices! :D

Joshua said...

@ Dennis - INDEED BRO! we needa sit back and chill once in a while or blow our cash flat!

@ The Rebel - SAME MATE! just wore my new sneakers to my band's studio jamming session