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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OFFICIAL Hot Toys DELUXE JOKER PICTURES!!! (picture heavy!!) Hot Toys MMS DX The Joker 12' inch

Hot Toys - MMS DX 01 - The Dark Knight - 1/6th scale The Joker collectible figure
Hot Toys is proud to announce our brand new product line – MMS DX (Movie Masterpiece Deluxe), featuring a newly developed technique on the eyes of our collectible
- Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) with Colored Translucent Iris.
The debut of the line is THE JOKER from the Dark Knight movie:
- Hot Toys True Type figure with over 35 points of articulation
- Stands approximately 12 inches / 31 cm tall
- Dressed in Gotham City police suit, hat, Gotham City cop badge and shoes, the characters wears for assassination scene in the movie.
- Weapons -M1 Garand Rifle
- Additional costume: Improved & movie-accurate Joker costume of an overcoat, sport coat, vest, shirt, tie, pants, belt, socks and shoes, with grenades rig and suspenders
- Weapons and accessories : Five pieces of grenades, knife, pistol and Joker cards
- Seven Interchangeable posing hands
- An interchangeable and new make-up Joker head featured with Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) and Translucent Iris.
- Deluxe figure stand with LED lights About Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) PERS is a brand new technique applies to Hot Toys MMSDX figurines, special features include:
- Unique designed eyeballs with colored Translucent Iris
- Simultaneous Positionable Eyeball Function
- Work in all direction, as natural as human eyes
Release date: End Q2 – Early Q3, 2009
Artist: Sculpt by YULLI Paint by JC Hong Costume by HARUE Creative(Hai Lim)
TM & © DC COMICS. WB SHIELD: TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc


LEon said...

This joker come with police uniform and his own joker costume? 2 heads?

Little Plastic Man said...

OMG...what can I say...

Chun Sang said...

this shit is just f**king awesome X 100.

Joshua said...

@ Leon - yes leon, deluxe MMS

@ Adrian - same expression here.....nothing left to say...just alot more to pay from wallet.. LAWL

@ Chunsang - Screw enterbay, hot toys for the win!

Dash MacBastard said...
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Dash MacBastard said...


The Rebel said...

Please God let this NOt be priced excessively!

RiP666 said...

for those who never buy joker, maybe this is the perfect one although it miss the weapons earlier

deSMOnd said...

Then, how about those collectors like myself had bought the first version joker?? Wah lao!! have to buy this piece as well?? Damn it..Hot Toys!!

Joshua said...

@ Dash - agreed!

@the Rebel - that's what we hope for but we know its all gonna be wishful thinking

@ rip666 - true, though its a big slap in the face to many supporters of hot toys who purchased the first joker though.

@ Desmond - i understand how you feel mate... i would be seriously pissed too if that happens to me..besides i knew HT was sure to screw early collectors over with somethig liek this..hence i'm pretty worried abt T4 salvation line....later release marcus and battle damaged marcus to screw us over....

LEon said...

Bro, I have tag you for a game.
http://openthetoy.blogspot.com/2009/04/tag-6-random-things-of-me-self.html. Hope you will join in.