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Monday, March 9, 2009

Hot Toys: Terminator Salvation John Connor Teaser

Now, apart from the rumors of a Watchmen licence by Hot Toys, what's definitely coming, is John Connor...


"He can save us..." The man who fated to lead the mankind... - He is John Connor, the hero in Terminator Salvation. To be his follower, you don't have to wait until 21st May, because he is now staying with Hot Toys! Oh, but the battle-experienced Tech-Com soldier refused to face the camera, we only snapped one shot of him! You can take a look by click on the below link...Don't worry! We'll convince him to take more pictures and share with you guys! Keep checking our future newsletter and you'll see...


on another note, Resident Evil 5/ Biohazard 5 figures will be done by hot toys too...Chris Redfield looks pretty awesome in the videogame, but till i delve myself into the videogame, i've keep Chris redfield and the RE/BH line on hold or i'd go bust with predator 1, jack bauer, terminator endoskeletons and now, john conner to get...

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