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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Please Hot Toys, No more....Joshua's personal message to hot toys.

* Applauds * Yes Hot Toys, you did it again, you milked the cow dead and dry yet again. No, we love it to bits that's why we're gonna do overtime at work, slaving our asses and selling our souls to the devil own this little piece of movie magic and pop culture of an actor we so respect.

But please make this the last? we don't know how much longer our pockets and wallets can take.

you still have my utmost patronage, respect and support

Joshua Lim

If Shaun's speculation on a new revamped original joker is true. I'm gonna quit my job and chalk up new career path in bank heisting and stick-ups.

First off, i'd need to assemble a team of disposable fellow cronies, just like the Joker. anyone interested, PM or leave a comment.
Fellow toy collectors with prior or no experience are most welcomed. Training provided. Pay negotiable.


Chun Sang said...

i will join!LOLOL.

The Rebel said...

Sign me up too....hehehe!

LEon said...

if the job come with the free joker mask i dun mind. But dun ever do the joker thing. If you do, i make sure i fire you 1st as part of the share before you fire at me. LOL

Razmanshah said...

why hot toys why!!!

why r u doing this to us!!!

1st came the v1 joker, then the bank robber one, then this one.

I much rather buy another batman with cowl-mounted sonar & sticky-bomb gun

still, don't know if I should get this one also..

Joshua said...

@ Chunsang, The Rebel & Leon: YES ...I NOW HAVE 3 disposable HENCHMEN!!!!!!

NOW we need just a bus driver for our team to be complete!!!!

free masks provided!

Joshua said...


yeah its a milking the licence thing they're doing.

Little Plastic Man said...

Count me in but please don't shoot me after the job is done!

Kenny said...

@Joshua: I can drive the bus. LOLZ

Shaun said...

be sure you get enough training by playing Grand Theft Auto. Sorry I cannot join as I'm not doing too well as a criminal in the game.

Shaun said...

and here's part two of the deluxe set.

Korndamned said...

Count me in for the bank heist job.