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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hot Toys Terminator Salvation John Connor Headsculpt

Was at my usual online haunts checkin' out SHAUN'S blog when i saw this fantastic headsculpt of Connor that he posted about...

being the Guru/Pro/Seasoned collector in this line of expertise, its no doubt he always gets first hand news ahead of the rest! Do head on to his site for really interesting pictures of his toy collection.

The terminator salvation line seems to be lookin' too damn good for the safety of my wallet. Man... i dig this figure and i'm sold.


Shaun said...

thanks for the plug, Joshua, though i can't accept any of the titles you conferred on me, except 'collector', :)

Damn solid hor this line? Skipping trannies movie figures for these.

Chun Sang said...

O.o now this head i like.